For most business owners, bookkeeping is a chore. It’s a necessary evil, something that keeps them from doing more interesting stuff. It’s not really what they went into business for.

But the truth is that efficient bookkeeping is essential for any business. For one thing, it’s a legal requirement – you must keep accurate records to show to HMRC and other official bodies. In addition, good bookkeeping helps your business to be profitable. It shows you what your costs are and your best sources of income.

Beat the bookkeeping blues

If you hate bookkeeping or simply don’t have the time to keep on top of it, I offer a cost-effective, simple solution.

My friendly, straightforward service can meet all of your bookkeeping needs. I specialise in working with small businesses and charities – as my own boss, I understand what running a small business is really like!

Whether you need complete ongoing management of your books, or just an annual year-end accounts, I am flexible enough to fit in with your requirements. I work around my clients’ hours as much as possible so that support and answers to their questions is never far away.

In short, if you’re looking to beat the bookkeeping blues, please get in touch